Matrix PiHats – 2019 PreSale


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We offer a Matrix PiHat and a Nano Matrix PiHat which can be used with a Pi to drive P10/P5 panels.  The difference between the two boards is the number of outputs which changes the number of panels you can run.

The Matrix PiHat has 3 outputs that can run up to 12 p10 panels or 6 p5 panels per output and can be used with a Pi2 or Pi3.  

The Nano Matrix PiHat is perfect for small matrix projects and is designed with one output.  The one output can can be used with a Pi 2 or Pi 3 to run 12 P10 panels or 6 P5 panels.   If you run the Nano Matrix PiHat off a Pi Zero you can run 9 P10 panels or 4 P5 panels on it’s one output.  

Both versions will support 1/8 and 1/16 scan rate panels and have buffered outputs to protect the GPIO of the Pi.

There is a 5vdc power input to power the Pi from the Matrix PiHat board itself. It is important to remember that you will power the Pi from the PiHat and not to connect power to both the Pi and PiHat together.

Cases are available for the Pi’s with piHats from our 3D printing site,

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Matrix (3 outputs), Nano (1 output)