P5 Matrix Kits


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Our Matrix kits make a return in the 2019 PreSale.  They start as small as a 2 panel kit (1hx2w perfect for a tune to sign) and go up to 18 panels .

Our kits will include all the basic parts needed to put your matrix together.  You will still need to build an enclosure and depending on panel size, might need to add wire to the power wires that come with the panels.

We also have included options for how you want to drive your panels.  We are offering our Matrix/Nano Matrix Pi hats with a Pi as one option.  You can chose to get a blank Pi with everything you would need to install FPP or you can get a Pi with FPP preloaded for you. We are also selling the kits with no Pi or driver board for those who would rather go the ColorLight or Octoscroller BBB route.

The kits will include:

  • the number of P5 panels you need for the set up you choose (we do suggest buying an extra couple of panels at the same time due to future color match issues if you have to change one out)
  • Ribbon cables and power cords to connect the panels (the power cords may need to be modified based on your panel set up)
  • Longer Ribbon Cables to connect you Panels to the driver of your choice (cables sent are based on a Matrix/Nano Matrix PiHat setup)
  • Boscoyo Combo Strips and screws to connect panels
  • MeanWell LRS-350-5v power supply and mounting bracket
  • AC power cord

If you chose to use our CFOL PiHats to drive your panels you will also get:

  • Pi3 with a CFOL Case that attacher to panels
  • 8gb class 10 Micro SD card
  • Thumb drive
  • Matrix PiHat (more then 6 panels) or Nano Matrix PiHat (up to 6 panels)


Additional information

Matrix Size

2 panel (1hx2w), 4 panel (2hx2w), 6 panel (2hx3w), 6 panel (3hx2w), 8 panel (2hx4w), 8 panel (4hx2w), 9 panel (3hx3w), 10 panel (2hx5w), 10 panel (5hx2w), 12 panel (3hx4w), 12 panel (4hx3w), 15 panel (3hx5w), 15 panel (5hx3w), 18 panel (3hx6w), 18 panel (6hx3w)

Driver Options

CFOL PiHat and Pi, CFOL PiHat and Pi with FPP installed (+25), I am using something else to drive the panels