Mega Tree Effects Pack 1


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You will get 11 xLights effect presets in the video for use in your show.  The video shows the effects on 4 different mega trees so you can see how it will look on a tree similar to yours.  The trees from left to right are as follows 16 x 50, 24 x 50, 24 x 85 , and 36 x 100.

These effects were created for a a mega tree, but can be used on other props, such as a Matrix, with a little tweaking.

The effects are imported directly into your preset list by following the steps below.

  1. Open xLights and a sequence (can be a new one or one you are working on).
  2. Right click in the sequence editor and click on Effect Presets.
  3. When the Effect Presets window opens click on import.
  4. Find the downloaded file on your computer and click open.
  5. The presets are now ready to use by clicking on apply preset.

Each preset is set for a small amount of time, but can be changed in length as you need (you might have to tweak some settings to expand the movement).  Any preset with a picture will need to have an image you would like to use mapped to it.


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