Matrix Effect Snowman Scene


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This matrix scene was created using native effects, layers, and value curves in xLights.  This purchase will give you a zip file with the preset, an xml file, and a video file.  Depending on your set up you will have to chose which way works best to display the Matrix Scene.  The scene was created on a 128×96 matrix, if your matrix is different the xml file and preset would need to be tweaked to have it display properly, so it would be easier to use the video effect and the video file included in the download.

To use it as a preset follow the steps below.

  1. Open xLights and a sequence (can be a new one or one you are working on).
  2. Right click in the sequence editor and click on Effect Presets.
  3. When the Effect Presets window opens click on import.
  4. Find the downloaded file on your computer and click open.
  5. The preset is now ready to use by clicking on apply preset.

*Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds, cancellations, returns or exchanges will be given.