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We offer a variety of weather resistant enclosures.  Depending on your set up you might need multiple sizes.  The CG-1500 and CG-2000 work well with power supplies and controllers.  The dimensions of each are listed below.  We also offer some backer plates for the most common used enclosure which helps you to secure everything in the enclosures you are using.

CG-500: Inside 7″x5.75″x2″, Outside 9.4″x8″x3.2″

CG-1000XL: Inside 8.25″x8″x5″; Outside 9″x9″x5.25″ (2.25″ deeper than the CG-1000 and will not hold our LRS power supplies)

CG-1500: Inside 9.75″x9.75″x4.5″ Outside 11.6″x11.2″x5.1″ (does not have a bolt/hex screw)

CG-2000: Inside 12.5″x7″x3″ and Outside Dimensions 12.8″x9x3.9″

All of the enclosures offer 

  • Weather-resistant/high impact thermoplastic alloy
  • Self-latching, hinged cover design allows easy access without loose parts
  • Self-sealing individual entrance ports prevent water and insects from entering

Backer Plates are available for the CG-1500, CG-2000, and Bud NBF-32026.  Each backer plate comes with the following screws to use in the enclosure. 

  • CG-1500 backer plate includes 8 screws for mounting two power supplies and 4 self taping screws to attach the plate to the enclosure.
  • CG-2000 backer plate includes 4 screws for mounting power supplies and 3 self taping screws to attach the plate to the enclosure.
  • Bud NBF-32026 includes 4 m5x12mm mounting screws to mount the plate to the enclosure.

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CG-500, CG-1000XL, CG-1500, CG-2000, CG-1500 Backer Plate, CG-2000 Backer Plate, Bud NBF-32026 Backer Plate