12v ws2811 Squares – CFOL Pigtails


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12V DC WS2811 RGB 12mm square shape nodes with 18awg BLACK wire.  All our 12 volt products come in 100 count strings.  They are IP68 rated with 100° – 120° viewing angle.

Square pixels have 12cm spacing between nodes which is about 4.5 inches.

These are in our normal resistor style. 

Standard lead length is 6″ from pigtail to first pixel.  All of the pixels have 6″ from the last pixel to the end pigtail.

These pixels come with our standard CFOL pigtail (which is also compatible with Paul Zhang’s standard pigtails).

12v ws2811 square modules- 100ct String 18awg BLACK wire with pigtails

1. 12mm diameter
2. IP68 rated, epoxy resin filled design
3. Voltage 12vdc
4. 100-120 degree viewing angle
5. Max power 0.30w
6. Full RGB color / 24bit / 256 gray scale