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CFOL Acquires Extreme Lightscapes

Extreme Lightscapes is a Leading Provider of Holiday Event Production Services

Oak Ridge, TN – Today, Dallas-based Extreme Lightscapes, LLC, a leading provider of technology-based holiday event services, announced that it has been acquired by Crockett Fantasy of Lights, LLC (CFOL), a direct importer and retailer of technology-based holiday products and services based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. CFOL has acquired 100% of the outstanding shares of Extreme Lightscapes and will operate, effective immediately, as Extreme Lightscapes of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Extreme Lightscapes founder, Darren Vader, will remain with the new company in the role of Chief Growth Officer, responsible for sales and marketing. The announcement was made on March 15, 2022, at the Transworld Christmas Show in St. Louis, Missouri.

The move comes after more than a year of discussions between Vader and Darrell Pellegrin, Jr., the company’s new owner and Chief Operating Officer. “Darren was devising his exit strategy when we first met back in 2019. We (CFOL) were looking for ways to grow and pivot out of the consumer space and into the commercial space,” said Pellegrin, “It’s a natural fit and a win-win. Extreme Lightscapes was one of the very first companies to focus on providing technology-based services to commercial holiday event producers and they (Extreme Lightscapes) have more experience in that space than pretty much anyone.”

The company has moved its headquarters from Dallas, Texas to a new facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee where they have expanded their assembly and fabrication capabilities. “We have aggressive growth plans and have added the staff, equipment and space to facilitate that growth,” said Extreme Lightscapes Vice President, Michelle Pellegrin.

Extreme Lightscapes is a provider of commercial holiday event production services.

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